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The project will run for five years starting in 2016 and will be sub-divided into five phases. Fieldwork will focus on two 'project areas'. Area A is located between Kermanshah and Harsin along the courses of the Qara Su, Gamasiab and Saimarreh rivers. In this area Mortensen and Smith identified a number of early Neolithic sites, three of which were tested by sondages. The area also encompasses the Neolithic sites of Ghanj Dareh and Asiab.

The second project area, Area B, incorporates the southwestern part of the Huleilan and Shirhvan valleys, which form part of the Saimarreh drainage system. Mortensen identified a number of Epipalaeolithic occupations in the Huleilan, including the rockshelters/ caves Mar Gwargelan, Mar Ruz and Dar Mar. The area to the west and southwest of these sites has not been surveyed in detail for Pleistocene or early Holocene sites.